A night out in Colombo: The City’s top Rooftop bars & Nightclubs

Colombo, Sri Lanka’s commercial capital might not be considered the most attractive of all the fabulous places you can visit in the paradise island. However, if you happen to find yourself in the city wanting a night out on the town you will have access to a selection of refined rooftop bars and nightclubs – something you won’t find in the small beach side towns.

Our team at srilanka-villa.com have put together a selection of rooftop bars, nightclubs and local establishments off the beaten path for the more adventurous traveler.


Sky Lounge

Perched above the Kingsbury Hotel and open from sunset to sunrise this rooftop bar offers guests live entertainment, meals and amazing views of the Indian Ocean. Guests can enjoy two happy hours: Sundown from 5.30pm – 6.30pm and late night happy hour from 11.30pm -12.30am!

Breeze Bar – Cinnamon Grand Hotel

A little bit different from the other bars on this list, Breeze bar is the poolside bar of the Cinnamon Grand Hotel. It’s relaxing ambiance and soothing live music would be a lovely calm start to a long crazy night in Colombo.


For those of you who like to have some live music while sipping on a cocktail, this is the place to be. And when you’re a few cocktails down, you can join the crowd by the band who are sure to be dancing away.

41 Sugar

This beautifully designed rooftop bar is definitely the ‘it’ place to be in Colombo right now, the good drinks, live music and great ambiance make for the ideal place to start your night out. If you’re feeling like continuing the night on with more dancing you don’t have to go far as Silk nightclub is just one floor down.



Another one of Colombo’s oldest night clubs, more frequented by the over 30’s crowd than the youngsters, the DJ’s at Silk are known to play everything from the golden oldies to the latest chart toppers to make sure that you’ll find something to which you’re ready to shake your booty.


R&B is another Colombo staple when it comes to the tail end of the night and where you’re likly to find most of the city’s club-goers congregating. With a recent face lift, R&B is looking bigger and better and the perfect way to wind down, or wind up the end of your night.


If you are looking for a young, hip place where you will be dancing, or maybe just jumping to some latest pop music or electro dance music, then Disque is the places to be. Located inside the newly restored Colombo Race Course building, it should definitely be part of your club hopping itinerary.


With a view of the white dome of the Colombo municipal council, this night club has two rooms, one with more contemporary hip hop/pop music and another playing house/electronic music.


Kama has a favorite in the Colombo nightclub scene for a long time, changing locations several times but maintaining its place as one of the club-goer favorites!


Last but not least, we are keeping it real and offering up some local neighborhood (dive) bars in Colombo which will open up a whole new side of the city for those wanting to rub shoulders with the blue collar workers. For ladies, we’d recommend traveling with a male companion to these classy establishments.

New Colonial Hotel

Located right opposite the Colombo Fort Railway station, this dive bar which is more than 80 years old is a perfect location to grab some local beer or some local liquor: Arrack.

The Castle Hotel

Castle Hotel


Not too far from the New Colonial Hotel is the Castle Hotel, another old colonial building housing a local watering hole where you can find some local brews.

White Horse Inn

Back in the day, the White Horse was a popular night spot, nowadays it’s still cheap but looking dodgier with far less of the usual Colombo partygoers who you will now find in places like 41 Sugar or Sky Lounge.

Some friendly advice:

  • bars and clubs in Colombo are pretty empty on most days of the week, Friday and Saturday being the crazy party nights.
  • except for the ‘Local Neighborhood bars’, if you’re a guy, make sure you’re wearing pants and shoes because there’s a dress code that the bouncers are quite strict about.


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