Travel Guide for Nature Lovers: Sri Lanka’s Best Waterfalls

A land of diverse beauty, Sri Lanka is home to vast emerald plantations, rolling hills, sweeping coastlines, rocky mountains and cascading waterfalls. Tumbling out from a protruding outcrop, the sonorous waters fall from a soaring height and flow endlessly into an expansive pool below. Nature lovers keen on embarking on a visit to the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka may fill up their travel itinerary with the seven sites listed below: 

The tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Bambarakanda Waterfall stands at a towering height of 263 metres. It is located in the midst of a dense evergreen forest in Kalupahana, Badulla District. This is not a wide waterfall – rather, the water cascades down in a narrow strip out of a rocky outcrop, before flowing towards Samanala Wewa and Walawe River.

Bopath Ella Falls

Bopath Ella Falls

Situated in the Ratnapura District of Sri Lanka, Bopath Ella Falls derives its name from its quirky shape, for its form is alike to that of the leaf of the sacred fig tree (also known as the “Bo” tree). Blessed with scenic beauty, this waterfall is a popular attraction that never fails to draw hordes of travellers and local visitors.  Bopath Ella Falls was also used for bathing by ancient rulers of the country, when they ventured towards this area to visit the mystical site of Maha Saman Devale.

A series of fascinating myths are linked to Bopath Ella Falls. One of these myths depicts the tale of a local village girl who killed herself by jumping off the peak of the waterfall, after having her heart broken by her lover. Despite his promises, he never returned back to the village. Her spirit is said to haunt the waterfall, appearing in its surroundings as a flash of blue light. A second myth is about a hidden treasure in the depths of the waterfall. It is believed that this treasure will not be obtained, unless a thousand human sacrifices are given.

Devon Falls

Devon Falls

Travellers who make their way to Hatton Nuwara Eliya Road are in for a stunning sight, for Devon Falls promises to provide a feast for the eyes!

The lush waterfall emerges from the topmost edge of the verdant mountains, snakes downwards in a narrow strip, before widening gradually as it flows into the stream below. Nature lovers can also enjoy views of the waterfall from the front section of the Melsna Tea Castle.

Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda Falls

Dunhinda Falls sits at a spot located five kilometres away from the town of Badulla. Dunhinda translates to mean “mist” or “smoke”. This serves as an apt name for the waterfall, as its tumbling waters gives rise to a misty spray at the foot of the waterfall.

A thirty to forty minute trek along a footpath is required to arrive at the waterfall. The walk through the muddy trail proves to be a worthwhile expedition, for trekkers are rewarded with a picturesque sight of the rolling waterfalls. There are plenty of rest stops along the way for visitors to take a quick break, and vendors along the path sell an array of cooling herbal drinks to provide refreshment.

Ramboda Falls

Ramboda Falls

Standing at a height of 109 metres, Ramboda Falls is located in the Pussellawa region of Sri Lanka. Enveloped by vast expenses of tea plantation, the waterfall and its surroundings offer a pretty and charming sight.

Travellers may enjoy this view at a distance when they stand along the middle section of the A5 highway. Visitors keen on catching a view from the top of the waterfall may climb up a pathway situated before the bridge. Those who wish to view the waterfall from its foot can venture down to the lower sections of the fall, known as the Ramboda basin.

St Clair's Falls

St Clair’s Falls

St Clair’s Falls, so called as it is located near the St Clair tea estate, also goes by another name: “Little Niagara of Sri Lanka”. It is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka, and stands at a height measuring eighty metres.

Travellers can take in the mersmerising sight of the waterfall from the Hatton – Talawakelle Road. To arrive at the waterfalls, visitors will have to make their way down steep slopes filled with dense tea bushes.



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