Travel Guide: Top 5 Tea Tours in Sri Lanka

Dive deep into discovering Sri Lanka’s renowned tea plantations with these top five tea tours!

As the world’s fourth largest tea producer, Sri Lanka boasts vast expanses of emerald green tea plantations, as well as a tea drinking culture etched deeply into the lifestyle of the locals. A trip to Sri Lanka is not complete without participating in one of the myriad tea tours available on the island. Dive behind the scenes, and embark on a tea discovery journey with these five tea tours in Sri Lanka:

Ceylon Tea Trails

Ceylon Tea Trails

Gain a wealth of information about the fascinating process of tea making by embarking on a Ceylon Tea Trails experience!

The tour starts off with a trek along the winding trails leading into dense jungles. Watch on as the experienced tea pluckers pick the tea leaves with swift motions, before making your way back to the tea factory to observe the methods of tea processing and to enjoy a tea tasting session.

It is worthwhile to set aside spare time to participate in other tea-related activities held at the plantation. Visitors itching for a bout of exercise may go mountain biking along the scenic tea trails, while those with a preference for restful pursuits can indulge in a soothing tea spa treatment.

Handunugoda Tea Estate

Handunugoda Tea Estate

Make a stop by Handunugoda Tea Estate, and you will gain an interesting discovery into a unique variety called the Virgin White tea. Grown only on areas near the sea level, these tea leaves were traditionally cut only by virgins using scissors made of gold.

Visitors will be shown around the entire estate, and be given in-depth insights into the harvesting, plucking, and culture of tea. The tour ends off on a sweet note, as guests get to enjoy a treat of tea and cakes at the Proprietor’s Bungalow within the compounds of the estate.

Halpewatte Tea Factory

Halpewatte Tea Factory

Take a glimpse into the workings of one of the largest tea factories situated in the region of Uva. Led around by a well-informed guide, you will be taken around the Halpewatte Tea Factory to observe processes and machinery involved in its daily operations. When the tour comes to an end, you will leave the factory with new insights and perceptions about the production and consumption of tea.

Are you an irrepressible lover of tea and culture?

If you have nodded in affirmative, be sure to reserve your spot in the Sri Lanka Tea Trails Tour. Spanning over five days, travellers will start off their cultural exploration by discovering the best of Kandy, through visits to renowned sites such as the Elephant Orphanage in Pinnawela, Kandy Bazaar and Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya.

Jeff Fuchs and Sri Lanka In Style

Tea Tour: Jeff Fuchs and Sri Lanka In Style

Other points of interest on the itinerary include the tumbling waterfalls of St Clare’s and Devon, historical sites in Colombo and the picturesque tea plantations of Nuwara Eliya.

A tea tour cannot get fancier than this. Embark on an exciting expedition with award-winning explorer Jeff Fuchs, as he takes travellers through tea plantation valleys located in the central and southern regions of Sri Lanka. Visitors will be introduced to tea pickers, participate in daily tea tastings, reside in luxurious tea-oriented accommodations and garner a plethora of expert information from Fuchs during this twelve-days tour.

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