Beautiful Villas in Galle: Top 3 Picks

We pick out three absolutely stunning villas in Galle not to be missed!

Travellers in Galle seeking accommodation, look no further, for we bring you three stunning villas that promises to offer its guests with a luxurious and highly enjoyable stay!

5 Middle Street

5 Middle Street

1. 5 Middle Street

5 Middle Street, a beautiful colonial-style villa, sits within the historical remains of Galle Fort.

Step into the grounds of the villa, and you will be greeted by the sight of a lush and spacious garden. Guests can enjoy the lovely sight of the picturesque garden while they feast on a well-made dinner in the veranda during the evening.

Similarly, the interiors of the villa does not fail to charm and captivate. The cosy interiors have a minimalist design, and a collection of quirky, Oriental paintings adorning the pristine white walls. One of our favourite spots in the villa is the rooftop terrace, as it offers panoramic views of the luxurious Amangalla Resort, as well as a historical church built by the Dutch in the 16th Century.

Villa Ambalama

Villa Ambalama

2. Villa Amabalama

Ambalama’, a Sinhalese word, translates to mean ‘resting place’. We cannot imagine a better name for this villa, for the entire abode is designed and built to facilitate a peaceful and restful stay within its grounds.

The villa sits on a perfect spot along the coast, and offers guests with a stunning view of the ocean. We would definitely recommend that you lay back and relax on the sunbeds situated by the side of the infinity pool, or to lounge leisurely in the comfortable living room or breezy beachside pavilion.

Villa Ambalama is also located close by to the cultural city of Galle (just a mere ten minutes’ ride by car!), making it highly convenient for travellers to make a trip to explore the attractions within the captivating city.

Ambassadors House

Ambassadors House

3. Ambassador’s House

Enter into Ambassador’s House, and you will be wowed by the sight of the beautiful interiors in the sprawling grounds of this stunning villa. The villa is well-designed, with a style that blends together a perfect mix of modern and traditional Oriental design elements.

The villa contains a total of five spacious bedrooms. It also comprises of commodious living areas, such as a breezy roof terrace and lounge area, making it an ideal villa for gatherings between large groups of friends and families.

Your needs are attended to by a group of experienced and well-trained villa staff, making your stay at the Ambassador’s House a highly enjoyable one.

A wide selection of charming villas await your stay in Galle. Be sure to check them out!

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