A Snapshot of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka- a place of extraordinary beauty, breathtaking landscapes, and steeped in myths, legends and riches of the Orient. Romanticised by early geographers as a teardrop off the coast of India, or as a pearl of the region,
Sri Lanka continues to fire the imagination of explorers and inspire the romantic at heart.

The natural beauty of Sri Lanka is incredible. The sweeping landscape of Sri Lanka pulsates with life, from the rugged coastlines and the roaring waves, to the lowland jungles teeming with wildlife. Oh, and who can forget Sri Lanka’s highlands, shrouded in mist and covered in blankets of tea plantations. Hear the song of the whales, the hearty bellow of the elephant on the plains, and the indignant chattering of the monkeys in the trees!

Alongside the stunning beauty of the natural environment, Sri Lanka is an age old ancient civilisation of more than 2000 years, and there are plenty of ancient ruins and monuments that still stand and can be explored.

Sadly, amidst such splendour, Sri Lanka can be described as a tragic beauty- a country of outstanding physical and cultural beauty, but mired in war and unrest for much of the last 30 years. Civil clashes between the Tamil Tigers and the Sri Lankan Army have taken their toll on the island.

Nevertheless, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, Sri Lanka is slowly but steadily rebuilding itself.

Come join us to visit Sri Lanka, a mystical land of bittersweet beauty and be intoxicated by the magic that surrounds you.

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