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Bambarakanda Falls

Travel Guide for Nature Lovers: Sri Lanka’s Best Waterfalls

A land of diverse beauty, Sri Lanka is home to vast emerald plantations, rolling hills, sweeping coastlines, rocky mountains and cascading waterfalls. Tumbling out from a protruding outcrop, the sonorous waters fall from a soaring height and flow endlessly into an expansive…

Yala National Park

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Yala National Park

Located in the south east region of Sri Lanka, Yala National Park is a popular nature reserve that draws in large crowds of visitors each year. The park, measuring an impressive 130,000 hectares, contains light forests, grasslands, lagoons and scrubs….

Cycling Tour in Asia

Cycling Tours in Sri Lanka: Our Top 3 Picks

Blessed by Mother Nature, Sri Lanka has garnered a selection of pretty-sounding names that reflects its natural beauty. Travellers and settlers of the olden times have affectionately termed this island as the Teardrop of Indian, Pearl of the Orient, Island…

Adam's Peak Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: Our Climb Up Adam’s Peak

Tall and towering, the majestic stature of Adam’s Peak cuts an impressive figure along the southwestern edges of the Hill Country. This renowned nature attraction and pilgrimage site draws hordes of travellers and worshipers keen on making the arduous climb up to its soaring…

Yapahuwa Rock Fortress

Off-the-beaten-path Travel in Sri Lanka: Top 3 Spots

These lesser-visited spots are no less enchanting – discover all about these attractions below! Are you planning a vacation to charming Sri Lanka, a country rich in history, cultural sights and natural beauty? We can understand if you are feeling…

Top 3 Natural Attractions in Sri Lanka

If you are in love with the notion of exploring the natural wonders of Sri Lanka, and can’t wait to feast your eyes on the visual splendour that is Sri Lanka, the next question would be ‘what best to see?’…